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Medical Transcription

EMR Transcription Service: The Missing Piece of the EMR Puzzle!

We help healthcare organizations meet EMR utilization goals while letting doctors dictate as usual. Find out how.

Affordable Outsourced Medical Transcriptionists Services Companies

When healthcare organizations examine their operating budgets, the medical transcription services line item is always scrutinized. Physicians and medical administrators frequently discuss the merits of the service and the provider.

Affordable Medical Transcriptionists Services Companies

Clear Choice Transcription is one of the industry’s most affordable medical transcription services companies. We have found inventive ways to offer great pricing without sacrificing professionalism, accuracy or turnaround time.

All Medical Transcription Services Companies Are Not Equal

All medical transcription services companies are not the same; see the difference at Clear Choice.

Why Outsource to a Medical Transcription Services Company?

Outsourcing medical transcription services introduces operational, financial and healthcare benefits to physician practices, specialty medical clinics and regional hospitals.

Clear Choice Medical Transcription Services Company Launches New Web Site

Clear Choice Transcription, one of the industry’s fastest growing medical transcription services companies, recently launched a new website to offer more valuable information to physician practices, specialty medical clinics and regional hospitals.

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