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Affordable Outsourced Medical Transcriptionists Services Companies

Outsourced Medical Transcription Services Companies Offer Affordable Options for Any Budget

As physician practices, medical clinics and hospitals assess their operating budgets, medical transcription service is an expense that always gets a second look. Ultimately the discussion between clinicians and administrators comes down to three factors: is the MTSO offering affordable medical transcription services, does the MTSO promise accurate medical transcriptions and does the MTSO deliver fast-turn around medical transcriptions? If the healthcare organization has outsourced its medical transcription services to a reputable contractor, the answer should be “yes” to all three questions.

In addition to financial value, the best medical transcription services companies (or medical transcription service organizations – MTSOs) offer additional operational benefits to the healthcare practices they serve. For instance, by receiving accurate and timely medical transcriptions, treating physicians (and referring physicians) can offer patients a more exact assessment of their medical condition, diagnose and treatment options. From an administrative perspective, fast, accurate medical transcriptions enable back-office staff to quickly code patients’ records with higher confidence in the integrity of the data. This results in faster billing and ultimately faster payment.

As the healthcare industry becomes more competitive, practitioners are trying to drive down the cost of doing business while offering patients a better experience (in the hopes of generating repeat business and patient referrals). Outsourced medical transcription services address both of these critical business needs. It introduces efficiencies throughout the medical practice that result in increased productivity and better utilization of resources. And, medical transcription services improve patient satisfaction in multiple ways. By putting current, accurate patient healthcare records in clinicians’ hands when the patient arrives, doctors are not running late and keeping patients waiting (one of the most frequently cited reasons of patient dissatisfaction). Transcriptions also allow doctors to quickly assess a patient’s situation and provide timely and relevant feedback – demonstrating personalized healthcare service.

Clear Choice Transcription is one of the industry’s most affordable medical transcription services companies. The firm has devised resourceful ways to offer flexible pricing without sacrificing professionalism, accuracy or turnaround time. Strategies include only hiring experienced medical transcriptionists; pairing medical specialty clients with medical transcriptionists that have previous experience in that field; and finding highly efficient ways to interact with clients to transform voice dictation into error-free medical transcription text.

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