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Our New Remote Medical Scribe Service Increases Utilization of EMR/EHR Systems

Clear Choice Transcription’s unique Remote Scribe Solution is a NON-technical support service for healthcare providers that supplements today’s most popular EMR/EHR software. EMR/EHR Scribe Services helps fast-paced healthcare organizations quickly meet EMR/EHR utilization goals without forcing new technologies or complicated processes on providers and facilities. It lets physicians DICTATE AS USUAL, while our professional medical transcriptionists remotely chart directly into your EMR/EHR system.

What are the Benefits of our Remote Medical Scribe Services?

  • Combine traditional patient care with high-tech documentation
  • Eliminate the headaches of physician data entry
  • Qualify for Federal rebates on EMR/EHR software
  • Maximize current EMR/EHR technology investments
  • Gain support and satisfaction across facilities, providers and patients
  • Improve efficiencies to schedule more procedures and treat more patients
  • Take advantage of faster billing from quick and accurate records

Ideal in Many Healthcare Scenarios
Remote Medical Scribe Services allow physicians and healthcare practitioners to continue dictating and transcribing full notes as well as use an EMR-EHR software system to meet Meaningful Use expectations.

Our solution is perfect for:

  • Large healthcare systems with differing EMR/EHR needs across facilities
  • Fast-paced healthcare settings (such as specialty practices) where EMR/EHR is not efficient
  • Facilities that want to support individual provider needs and requests
  • Remote, field or rural healthcare facilities with limited or already stretched IT infrastructures
  • Traveling and mobile healthcare providers
  • Healthcare providers who are not comfortable with new technology or process changes
  • Healthcare systems that don’t have the resources to re-train and equip providers with new technology

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