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Terri Davis, President and CEO

Terri Davis is the founder, president and chief executive officer of Clear Choice Transcription, LLC. She formed the company after working in the transcription service industry for 15 years. As Clear Choice’s leader, Terri is responsible for setting the company’s strategic business direction, forging industry alliances and developing the company’s products and services. She has effectively positioned Clear Choice for long-term growth and success by defining a clear set of corporate values that guide the company’s decisions and actions. These values include transparency, accountability, integrity and exceptional customer service.

Dawn Lindholm, Director of Quality Assurance

Dawn Lindholm is Clear Choice Transcription’s director of quality assurance. She brings more than 12 years of industry experience to her leadership role with one of the industry’s fastest growing transcription services companies. In addition to overall quality control and ensuring the accuracy of all the transcriptions Clear Choice produces, Dawn is also responsible for hiring, training and managing the company’s team of transcriptionists and editors.

Chris Curnow, Director of Client Services

Chris Curnow brings 22 years of industry experience to her position as Clear Choice Transcription’s director of client services. In this capacity, she is responsible for customer satisfaction. This includes customer service, technical support, data verification, status reports and transcription corrections. She works with new clients to ensure they experience a smooth transition and continues to manage accounts throughout the engagement with Clear Choice. In her role, Chris works closely with Clear Choice’s implementation team and quality assurance department to quickly resolve issues and ensure clients always receive fast response and accurate transcription services.

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