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Affordable Medical Transcriptionists Services Companies

Affordable Medical Transcription Services Companies

At Clear Choice Transcription, we set high standards for our staff and our work product. Not only do we focus on honesty, integrity and accountability, we also focus on bringing our clients value. That’s why we have made it our mission to be one of the industry’s most affordable medical transcription services companies. That way our outsource services are accessible to all small physician practices, medical clinics and regional hospitals.

We have found ways to offer professional, accurate, fast-turn around and affordable medical transcription services. First of all, all of our medical transcriptionists are experienced and trained. That enables them to efficiently produce error-free medical transcriptions. We also work closely with our clients to develop best practices to transform physician’s dictations into professional medical transcriptions and then import them into the practice’s EMR/EHR software system.

Not only are we offering affordable medical transcription services, we are also offering our healthcare clients a variety of value adds. For instance, the faster we can turn around medical transcriptions, the faster the practice can follow up with the referring physician, schedule follow up procedures, submit medical claims to insurance and ultimately process medical bills.

About Clear Choice Transcription
Clear Choice Transcription, Inc. is one of the country’s fastest growing affordable medical transcription services companies (MTSO). It provides customized medical transcription services to multi-specialty medical clinics, private physician practices and hospitals throughout the United States. Healthcare organizations choose Clear Choice due to its trained medical transcriptionists (in the U.S. and abroad), affordable medical transcription service pricing plans, reputation for accuracy, fast turnaround and the ability to integrate medical transcriptions with any electronic patient medical/health records (EMR/EHR) system. In addition to medical transcription and supported digital dictation services, Clear Choice also offers speech recognition software, document workflow analysis and transcription consulting.

To learn more about one of the most affordable medical transcription services companies, fill out the form on or call 877.788.2501.

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