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Medical Document Workflow Analysis Services

Multi-site medical practices commonly experience operational inefficiencies that lead to missing data, misplaced files, billing mistakes and poor patient care. Clear Choice offers medical document workflow analysis services to provide private physician practices, multi-specialty medical clinics and regional hospitals with improvements in documentation processing, routing and management. By ensuring patient health records, billing information and insurance data are current, accurate and in the right place at the right time, we help our clients improve communication, cash flow and patient care.

Benefits of Medical Document Workflow Analysis

  • Leverage Clear Choice’s best practices in document workflow processes.
    Utilize your existing technology to gain operational efficiencies.
  • Save money and increase profitability by driving efficiencies into your operational procedures.
  • Increase productivity and employee value by eliminating unnecessary, redundant and time-consuming tasks.
  • Reduce billing cycles by 50% by ensuring documentation is available when necessary.
  • Provide fast, accurate communications to referring physicians to promote reciprocal referrals.
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