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Expert Medical Transcription Consulting

As one of the industry’s most respected medical transcription services companies, we have developed proven best practices that we share with our clients through consulting engagements. We regularly partner with physicians and administrators to help them develop methodologies for hiring, training and managing internal medical transcriptionists as well as for improving document workflow, processing and routing procedures. We also provide consulting services to help our clients assess medical transcription software systems; determine the value and accuracy of third-party medical transcriptionists; find outsourced medical transcriptionists; and negotiate contracts, costs and service level agreements with medical transcription service companies (MTSOs).

Benefits of Engaging our Medical Transcription Consultants

  • Implement best practices in medical transcription processes
  • Find medical transcription software that meets the needs of your practice or clinic
  • Yield more value from internal medical transcription resources
  • Negotiate better terms and costs with outsourced medical transcription services companies
  • Increase productivity by eliminating unnecessary time-consuming tasks in document workflow
  • Increase profitability by driving efficiencies into the practice
  • Improve turnaround time for documentation and billing
  • Improve practice-wide communication
  • Generate more value from existing EMR/EHR systems
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